Annual Financial Report information 2017

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The Town Council does not have any public land or building assets

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Town Council received £1551.92 from Chorley Council in April 2016 as CIL funding. This has been used towards the provision of automated external defibrillators in the village. The total cost to the Council for the purchase and installation of these was £2065 & VAT as one of the defibrillators was donated by the North West Ambulance Service.  An additional donation of £250 was received from Anderton Parish Council.

The Council received an additional £943.66 from Chorley Council in November 2016 which has been used to fund a piece of play equipment (a “Rota Roka”) for the Jubilee recreation ground play area.

The full CIL report for 2017-18 is available here

Copies of all other financial records can be inspected on request by contacting the Clerk